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                Welcome: Lankecms Enterprise website system
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                Company profile

                Company profile

                Hangzhou Guokong Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2013 with the registered capital 100 million yuan, is a domestic leading developer and manufacturer for both financial payment and new EV charging piles. It devotes to research, design, production and sale of numerous systems and products such as power lightning protection system, intelligent electric products, automatic service system, platform interactive system and multimedia digital system etc. Guokong Tech is the strategic partner of several third party payment institutes including China UnionPay and All in Pay, and po...

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                Our service advantage

                Hangzhou Guokong Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific research enterprise. Our company has a wealth of innovative advantages:  such as product code development, electronic circuit design, structural design, appearance design and material design. We can achieve the following services for customers: 1. Omnibus product development design and remote management system; 2. Device remote hosting and maintenance...

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                CONTACT US

                Contact: GUOKONG ELECTRIC


                Tel: 0571-81969856

                Email: wuj@weipucs.com.cn

                Add: F3, Building 1, No.16 Xiyuanyi Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China